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a somewhat random podcast
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Astrological & Spiritual themes

for living with

Exceptional Purpose

Kerrie Redgate

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Podcast by Kerrie Redgate
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Show Notes:

Trailer Transcript

Living with Purpose is a life not wasted. But living with Exceptional Purpose is a life fulfilled.

Hello, I’m Kerrie Redgate, and this is Your Exceptional Purpose | Astrology podcast.

Being an Astrologer (a real one!), a researcher, and a problem-solver by nature, I’ve developed a system of astrology over the past three decades that has proven to me that career and spiritual evolution should be inter-dependent components of life.

We have a choice: we can live through our powerful spiritual consciousness, which means being useful in the world; or we can live through our habitual ego nature, which relentlessly repeats the past — which is of course a waste of time.

As astrology is a superb language for consciousness, it elaborates on our past and also our potential.

Even though this podcast is not an astrology course, per se, I am going to be sharing with you some of my research and insights regarding particular facets of my astrology system, to give you a richer understanding of the significance of living a more deliberate and purposeful life.

We’ll explore some metaphysics here, of course, but always within a practical and sensible context. No crazy stuff. My research into what genuine astrology is, and how it works, has answered many of my own questions about life, and death, and the rebirth of consciousness. And you’ll have a chance here to ask me your own questions as well, and I’ll try to answer them in future episodes.

So, please join me here to expand your consciousness just that little bit more, and to hopefully be inspired to reach for a greater version of your place in the world. You can live with an exceptional purpose. It’s actually your birthright.

Thank you so much for listening. And I hope you’ll be back.

And in the meantime, remember:
The worst thing you can do to the world is not have faith in yourself.

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