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Your Exceptional Purpose | Astrology

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Where Career and Spiritual Evolution are
viewed as Inter-dependent Components of Life

Your Exceptional Purpose | Astrology podcast thumbnail
Your Exceptional Purpose | Astrology podcast thumbnail
Trailer Introduction
“Exceptional Purpose is where Career and Spiritual Evolution are treated as inter-dependent components of life” — Kerrie Redgate expands upon this realisation here through the lens of astrology, with over 3 decades of research and clinical experience as an ‘Exceptional Purpose’ specialist astrologer. This podcast is not an astrology course, but offers rare and inspiring astrological insights regarding consciousness, with new concepts to get your head around!
Sept 9 2019 | 2:55 
Your Exceptional Purpose | Astrology podcast thumbnail
1. Purpose Or Exceptional Purpose?
Genuine Astrology. A Zodiac without stars. Your brain. The reincarnation of the mindstream.  And how your personal astrology chart relates to not only your purpose, but your potential to live with Exceptional Purpose, and why you should. Plus, a few good little stories for you to contemplate. This first episode is a bit of a smorgasbord to get us started. But I hope you’ll try every dish.
October 7 2019 | 21:21
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2. What Gravity Tells You About Your Purpose
Gravity — Radiowaves — Electricity — Spooky Sounds — Your Purpose.
In this episode I’m talking about gravity within a kind of spiritual context, and the planet that resonates with the concept of gravity. We’re also getting into radiowaves here, and the significance of both these phenomena to your Purpose, with just a touch of the Tao… And other things.
October 31 2019 | 22:17
Your Exceptional Purpose | Astrology podcast thumbnail
3. The Sun—Your Heart—and Purpose
Is there more to the heart than what we are taught in biology class? And what does this mean for Astrology? And what does this mean for Your Purpose? This episode is an exposé of both new and ancient views of the heart and its metaphysical relationship to the Sun in your own Astrological birth chart. Some new revelations that may surprise you.
February 10 2020 | 16:37
Your Exceptional Purpose | Astrology podcast thumbnail
4. Chiron in Aries—A Positive View
Bonus episode. This audio has been adapted from my YouTube video on Chiron from one year ago (February 2019), when Chiron had just moved into Aries. It was originally an impromptu reaction to the online negative narratives about Chiron at the time. (I’ve added some parts here, and deleted others.)  Chiron has been a special focus of my research for over 30 years. I have found there’s more to Chiron, but this is an introduction.
March 2 2020 | 16:57

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