Episode 3

The Sun—Your Heart—and Purpose

— Is There More to the Heart?
— What Does This Mean for Astrology?
— What Does This Mean for Your Purpose?

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Series 1 Episode 3 | 16:37

The Sun—Your Heart—and Purpose | Feb 10 2020

Is there more to the Heart than what we’ve been taught?
What does this mean for Astrology?

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Show Notes:

Episode 3 Transcript

Sun’s Chromospheric Network

Since the earliest days of astrological awareness, the Sun has always been associated with the Heart. And this is why Sun signs in astrology can offer those little clues to our personal nature. 

When we’re asked to point to ourselves, most of us will point to our hearts. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Heart ch’i (ch’i being, ultimately, consciousness) is indicative of our relationship to ourselves. 

As I’d mentioned previously, most of the planets have an individual resonance with a particular function and corresponding area of your brain. 

But, as with Saturn, I don’t see the Sun as resonating in the brain at all. I think the Sun resonates with the intelligence in the Heart. 

Here’s a quote from the booklet published by the HeartMath Institute. It’s titled, Science of the Heart (volume 2, 2015). 


“The heart-brain, as it is commonly called, or intrinsic cardiac nervous system, is an intricate network of complex ganglia, neurotransmitters, proteins and support cells, the same as those of the brain in the head.”

End of quote.

So, your heart has intelligence. It has a type of consciousness. Of course, the Heart-mind has been recognised by most of the ancient cultures of the world as being the seat of true wisdom.

But let’s take a deeper dive into the relationship between the Heart and the sun via astrology.

There are some generalities that can be noted from various Signs (or frequencies, which is what they are), that the Sun is aligned with at your birth and at the birth of any living thing that has a heart, or, in fact, a nervous system.

Plants, of course, have their own heart resonance, but I’m not sure where that’s centred. That’s a whole other investigation. And plants obviously have a strong relationship with the sun.

So, to explain the function of the Sun in your astrological birth chart, we need to first take a good look at the latest research on how the heart functions.

Now, most people think of the heart as a muscle that pumps the blood around the body. Well, yes, that’s one definition. But what is blood, and what is it’s true value, and is the heart only pumping it? Is that all it does?

Obviously, the blood carries nutrients around the body, and the white blood cells that come to your defence when you’re threatened by toxins and viruses, etc.. But the blood is mostly comprised of water. And it’s water that has been found to hold the imprints of consciousness.

[ Gamelan music ]

There is a particular technique of irrigation that has been a long-held tradition in Bali in Indonesia. There are stone temples that have been built there over the source of rivers that are used for irrigation.

At each of these temple sites, the chanting of prayers would imbibe the water that flows through the temple with a sacred, spiritual consciousness imprint which would then be delivered to all the rice crops that were absorbing the water downstream.

Ancient peoples understood these things much more profoundly than we do, because their right-brain function was more online than ours. Our Western technological culture, that has now infiltrated just about every country on the planet, emphasises left-brain logic and the five physical sense inputs, rather than the spiritual intuition that evolves out of the right hemisphere.

The good people at the HeartMath Institute have found that there are electrical signals that travel between the heart and the brain. Not only that, but the vast majority of information that travels between them is sent via the heart. So, the heart is the dominant source of communication, and directs brain function, to a certain extent.

The heart has intelligence. The heart has awareness. And it’s evidently smarter than the brain!

So, imagine, for a moment, your blood passing through your heart — well, it depends on the size of your body, and condition, I would think, but it takes approximately one minute for your blood to circulate around your entire body and pass again through your heart.

As I see it, every time your blood passes through your heart, what happens is similar to the Water Temples in Bali. The quality of your heart-mind will determine the quality of the consciousness that is distributed to every cell of your body and brain.

And you can control this, minute by minute.

Our negative thoughts and feelings are always targeted at ourselves. Our anger with others is actually an expression of our disgust at our own inadequacies — for not standing up to the assertions of others, for reacting to something in a way that escalated a difficult situation, for falling prey to someone we knew we should not have trusted in that moment, etc, you know. It’s our own inadequacies, our feelings of powerlessness, that make us so riled.

So we can’t really be angry with anyone other ourselves. And that’s why we get so angry when we’re alone. Have you noticed that little chatter that goes on in the brain. We can get into a much bigger angry mood when we’re on our own than when we’re with other people. We regurgitate the same thing over and over and over again.

If we continue to feel like this, we damage our heart consciousness and we poison our own blood and every cell in our body. This is where low self esteem comes from. The Tibetans refer to these negative states of mind as ‘mind poison’.

So, like the Balinese, we need to send spiritual thoughts of kindness and tolerance and  compassion to ourselves, and to others,  while our heart is pumping — and that’s for our entire lifespan, of course. This is the human challenge.

The energy you put into your Heart determines your Fate.

There’s one other thing I want mention about this as well, especially being a professional singer in the past. You can try this. While your speaking, place one of your hands on your heart area, and you’ll feel the vibrational resonance of your voice on your heart. And if you don’t it’s probably because you’re speaking at too high a frequency.

[Voice changes to higher register]
“If you speak too high like this, you won’t have any resonance in your heart.”

Which means you’ve got to get your voice back down into your body. Because your body needs your voice resonance. It’s really important.

And this is why, astrologically, the Sun, as an expression of the Heart, can be such an all-pervading influence over the rest of your astrology chart. It acts like a filter. And every Sun sign/frequency contains its own challenges for the overall health of the mind and body.

This is what the sun sounds like:

[ recording from NASA/ESA:
a throbbing buzzing sound in basically one dominant tone ]

And that’s been amplified 42,000 times to get it to a hertz level that our hearing can perceive.

Most of us have had many lifetimes where we’ve been born under the same Sun sign we have now (after all, there are only 12 of them, and we have many more lives than 12!). But the rest of the chart is quite different. So this lifetime presents an entirely new challenge. Plus, we’ve been building all kinds of karmic imprints, for good or ill, that we must contend with via this new chart set-up.

So, the Sun’s frequency does not function in the brain. But it can direct the brain with its wisdom.

So, astrologically, the most important thing we can do regarding our Sun Sign (and don’t forget its House position, as that frequency is just as important, as an overlay), is to polish the highest potential for the position our Sun is now in, and to cultivate our own self-respect and sense of dignity.

It’s important that we forgive ourselves for the stupid things we’ve done — and we’ve all done stupid things — and for the situations we’ve put ourselves in that didn’t work out so well.

The point of life is NOT to NOT make mistakes, but it’s more how we deal with the karmic consequences of those mistakes; and how we dust ourselves off, and stand up again (remember? — defying the Earth’s entire electromagnetic field with the force of our spirit), and how we keep moving forward.

Low self-esteem, self-loathing, depression, all come from a Heart that’s being fed with poison from the brain, rather than the brain being rewired through the pure spiritual consciousness and wisdom of the Heart, which is your essence. In this instance, the wisdom of the Heart is being denied.

Due to the stress this produces, the Heart can resonate with the chaotic patterns from the brain. The conscious thinking mind can dominate the Heart if we allow it.

And a broken heart is just that. There is no fibre of your being that can feel joy while your Heart is miserable, because you’re poisoning your entire inner system.

There are infinite ways we can express ourselves via our Sun’s position, because the Sun is only a filter over the rest of the chart. Imagine that your astrology chart is a beautiful photo of something, and a graphic artist comes along and puts a coloured filter over that image. Different coloured overlays will change the mood of the image, just as two entirely different soundtracks for a movie, one sinister and one inspiring, will completely change the effect of that film.

Decades ago [laughter] … Decades ago, I went to see a Star Wars movie with a friend at an old outdoor drive-in theatre. Must have been one of its last. It was one of those drive-ins where you had to wind down your car window, and hang the single speaker over the glass pane. This was way before the digital age. It was hilarious! Darth Vader’s theme …

[the authentic music plays]

which always plays whenever he appears, was reduced to a pip-squeaky little ditty through the tiny little inadequate speaker!

[the distorted music quality plays]

The sound, the sound overlay in the movie turned the entire film into a B-grade spoof of Star Wars! It was quite entertaining, actually. But of course, it wasn’t the original effect that George Lucas had intended.

So you can see, different filters can change things dramatically.

So, now we get back to Purpose.

You cannot live with Exceptional Purpose if there is no joy in your Heart.

So, yes, your Sun in your chart is important.

It’s the joy that inspires life and gives you energy. People who are depressed have low energy. Have you noticed? Their Saturn and their Sun have been diluted or crushed.

This also produces the Victim Mentality. As it’s far easier to be a victim of life, which produces excuses, than to live through the wisdom of the Heart, which will lead you into new and daring adventures. People who see themselves as ‘victims’ will just repeat the past, over and over and over again. Because it’s comfortable. They have an excuse to ignore their own hearts.

But victims don’t inspire others, as their lives are totally focused on themselves.

And here’s a Kerrie Redgate quote for you:

“Victims never win. It’s against their philosophy.”

So you need to feed your Heart’s joy, if you’d like to live a full and meaningful life.

Here are a few little clues:

  • The Aries must lead, must initiate new energy and projects.
  • The Taurus must achieve personal power and self-reliance, and then create something through the power of the 5 physical senses, to reveal the spirit within matter.
  • The Gemini must inspire, simplify, and teach.
  • The Cancerian must nurture and protect through compassion, and preserve culture.
  • The Leo must create, glorify and generously empower others.
  • The Virgo must purify, simplify, and heal.
  • The Libran must balance, must harmonise, must evoke beauty and share it.
  • The Scorpion must courageously face the darkness to bring survival to others.
  • The Sagittarian must rescue the helpless, and bring wisdom and joy to others.
  • The Capricorn must lead with integrity, and create structures and systems that support progress under firm foundations.
  • The Aquarian must see beyond what is, and dare to make the future.
  • The Piscean must inspire spiritually, and uplift others by bringing spirit into matter.

These are only very simple phrases, to give you an idea. One could write a book about each one of those frequencies.

The Sun’s Sign, House, and planetary Aspects, as well as asteroid connections, will define these phrases much more thoroughly and individually.

If you have your birth chart, and you know what House your Sun is in, combine that House frequency, as above, with your Sun’s Sign frequency. (I’ll put some instructions in the Show Notes on the podcast website, on how to get a free copy of your chart through a couple of sources, and how to find your House frequencies.)

But have a think about these phrases. And see if you can recognise these broader terms as more specific motivations in your own life.

And if you can’t at first identify with them, try meditating on those phrases that fit with your Sun, and you may find another dimension of your Heart that you didn’t realise was there.

Resources for You

Your FREE Astrology Chart Wheel is available for you at Astrodienst:

And also at Cosmic Patterns Software:

HearthMath Institute website:

Science of the Heart (volume 2, 2015) by the HeartMath Institute (available from their website in various formats)


Subak — UNESCO World Heritage (YouTube) 3:49

… and more information here on Balinese Water Temples and Irrigation
(YouTube: archive video of Stephen Lansing’s live presentation 2:20)

To recognise your Sun on your Astrology Chart Wheel, it’s the circle with the dot in the centre ☉ .

To find your Sun’s House position, you have to have included your accurate birth time when filling in your Birth data.  You normally see House numbers (1 through 12) on the inner wheel for each radius sector:

1st House begins at the eastern horizon, the horizontal diameter, which is on your LEFT (unlike a topographical map). The radius area below that line is the 1st House, which is always an Aries frequency. Counter-clockwise, the next sector is the 2nd House, which is a Taurus frequency. Next is 3rd House, Gemini, etc, around the wheel in zodiac order.

You can take note of my suggestions in this episode for both the Sun’s Sign and its House position, and meld those ideas together. For example, if your Sun  is in the 9th House sector (always near the top of the chart), then you have a Sagittarius overlay on whatever Sign your Sun is in, as Sagittarius is the 9th Sign of the zodiac, counting from Aries.

If the Chart Wheel sites give you a choice of “House System”, I’d recommend “Placidus Houses“—has never let me down in 35 years!

Podcast theme music: Zen of Smooth by Kerrie Redgate
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Additional Music & Sounds in this Episode:

Gamelan Mitra Kusuma Live at the lighthouse on 2008-10-17 (Washington DC)
by Gamelan Mitra Kusuma (sample)

Sound of the Sun — NASA/JPL

Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme) composed by John Williams (ring-tone sample)
(the distortion sample was my tech-trickery, to give you an idea)

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