Bonus 1 (Episode 4)

Chiron In Aries:
A Positive View

— Adapted from Kerrie’s YouTube video
— Defying the Mainstream (Troglodytes)
— Accessing Bodhicitta

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Series 1 Episode 4  |  16:57
[bonus episode]

Chiron In Aries: A Positive View | March 2 2020

The much-maligned Chiron in a more positive Spiritual Light
And it’s current passage through Aries
Adapted from Kerrie’s February 2019 YouTube video

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Show Notes:

Episode 4 Transcript
[bonus episode]

The planetoid Chiron’s Astrological Glyph (symbol)

Apologies: The sound quality of the audio is not up to par — it was a live, impromptu video.


This is a Bonus Episode that I thought I would add to the podcast, especially as we were talking about the sun in the last episode. And this bonus episode is about Chiron. And Chiron and the Sun actually work together. They have a very similar agenda, but they come at it from different angles.

This was a completely unscripted audio that was taken from a YouTube video that I did a year ago, when Chiron moved into Aries [April 2018 first pass, then Feb 19 full-on until June 2026]. And it’s got some information in there I thought you might find interesting about Chiron because, as usual, I have a bit of a different take, I’m a bit more positive in the way I see things. And I think after three decades of working with Chiron, it’s never let me down.

So I thought I’d give you the advantage of knowing what my research has turned up about this.

So, it’s not exactly the same as the YouTube video because I’ve added some bits that had ended up on the ‘cutting-room floor’, so to speak, when I first put the video together. And I’ve also deleted some other parts that were in the video just to make it a bit more targeted, because it was unscripted.

It was just basically my reaction to all the negativity on the internet about Chiron switching Signs. Oh, my goodness.

Anyway, it’s more positive, and I hope you find it uplifting. And I hope it gives you an idea of what the planetoid Chiron is really all about.


I wanted to actually talk to you today about Chiron because I’ve seen there’s so much hype on the internet at the moment especially on Twitter and all kinds of places about this whole big shift of Chiron moving out of Pisces and into Aries.

And a lot of astrologers have, especially Western astrologers, have this dire kind of way of seeing Chiron like it’s some sort of terrible wound in the chart, you know. It’s exactly the opposite. It’s got nothing to do with a wound. That’s not Chiron’s function astrologically. That’s not how it affects the brain.

But somehow, because of a tiny little part of his mythological story, Western astrologers dived on that and turned it into this great drama. And that’s not what it is. I just had to put something out about this, I had to speak up — because it drives me nuts, it drives me


[  sound of crowd booing  ]

Just to give you a little bit of background: I work with Buddhist psychology in my work with astrology because I find it’s just far superior to Western psychology in understanding the mind at multiple layers, and levels, and how all the parts of the mind interact together as one.

Chiron is a very, very important part of the astrology chart; and it looks, the symbol of Chiron, looks like a little key. And it is actually the key to the chart in a lot of ways.

And in 1987 I started working with Chiron after I found Barbara Hand Clow’s wonderful book on Chiron: The Rainbow Bridge.

Chiron was only discovered in November 1979, so it’s quite new in terms of our awareness of this thing floating around between Saturn and Uranus in a regular orbit. So it’s a predictable orbit, so we have an ephemeris that tells us where it is.

And I think Barbara Hand Clow really did grasp what Chiron is really resonating with.

To me, it has a lot to do with the energy in the crown and this Chiron energy is the part that rewires the brain that gets rid of the old wiring that’s got all our habitual behavior in it. It’s like through Chiron we can stop this “Groundhog Day” thing of always repeating our past-life scenarios over and over and over again. So the Chiron is very important.

And I’ve discovered, because I work with Buddhist psychology, and particularly Yogacara psychology (which is a whole other thing I’m writing some books on at the moment), Buddhist psychology I would say relates to Chiron through the awareness of bodhicitta. Chiron is the bodhicitta in the chart. This is… bodhi means ‘awake’ and citta [pron. chitta] means ‘mind’ so it’s the ‘awakened mind’. And when a mind is awake, its Enlightened — that’s the Enlightened Mind.

So, Chiron is a part of the chart, it’s not a wound, it’s your enlightenment. It’s a part of the chart that is here for the benefit of others. This is the part that’s come in here with a mission. Like taking on a movie role. That Chiron part of us doesn’t care if it’s going to be happy or miserable or sad, it’s irrelevant.

The enlightened mind has no attachment to the past, and no grasping at an impossible future. It creates that future in the moment with the circumstances that we’re in right now. So, the Sign position of Chiron has some relevance, but the House position it’s in is very, very important. I use the Placidus system of Houses which I find works really well, and that’s a whole other discussion. And also the Aspects to Chiron are really vital. And most importantly are the asteroid Aspects to Chiron.

And I work with (quite uniquely, I think), I work with a full set of almost 20,000 asteroids. And the asteroids are the ‘body-text’ of the chart. They’re like the part that fills in all the little details. The planets are like just chapter headings. The asteroids are the details inside the chapters.

So you always find really relevant asteroids connected to Chiron either by geometrical degree or sitting right on it, which are quite vital. But that’s a whole other thing.

Now what happens with Chiron by Transit up there as it’s moving through the heavens is that everyone on the planet feels it to some degree when it’s in a particular Sign because that Sign is really an anomaly in the Earth’s magnetic field. It’s being filtered through the Earth’s field, through that particular frequency. And then that energy combined affects the brain.

We get, like, it’s a resonance, it’s like a sound resonance that we have. It’s like two tuning forks that ring together, you know we’ve got this resonance happening. Then we go through a big shift.

So Chiron was in Pisces for a while: Kind of looking for things and grasping at stuff and trying to figure out, you know, what am I here for, and is there a spiritual destiny. A lot of people started practicing Yoga. People were sort of
starting to touch all this sort of stuff.

But now that it’s in Aries … and I’ll tell you it went into Aries … I’ll give you a Universal Time and you can work out your own Time Zone: It went into Aries at 9:10 a.m. Universal Time on February 18 2019. And I don’t know if you felt it, but  there is a big shift that happens at that time when it switches Signs.

Now what’s happening is, it’s what’s going on in the psyche is the most important thing, and what it means for you. Chiron going into Aries means the dress rehearsal is over and now we’re going to get kicked in the butt to get our real work out there in the world.

This is not about a big wound, it’s not this terrible thing we have to face, la-la-la. There’s another part of that in the chart, The Insidious Saboteur in the Psyche — I’ve written most of the book now, about that. And that’s a book on the real thing in the chart that is the bugbear that sabotages us and stops us from moving forward. So I’ll be talking more about that at another at time.

But Chiron is not that, Chiron is not that at all. Chiron is that part of us that has this great aspiration to find our niche in the world, to uplift the human condition, to become better human beings, to get our spiritual power back by helping people. You don’t get spiritual power back by demolishing things, any idiot can do that. You have to really find something that you have that’s unique to you because of your past experiences. All the lifetimes that you’ve lived before.

You know, when Siddhartha, the Buddha, reached Enlightenment, in that moment where he had this big Awakening his ego popped up, this little ego voice popped up, the little… this insidious saboteur in the psyche popped up, and said to him ‘Now who are you to think you know all of this, who are you to think you can sort of rescue the world and have all these answers and reach Enlightenment!’ And the Buddha put his hands on the earth and he said ‘The Earth is my witness’.

And what that really means is that the Earth had witnessed all of his previous incarnations and all the different forms he had lived, and had seen all the things that he had learned and accumulated, and all of the achievements and everything he had been through. And because of his past experiences he had a right to that moment of Enlightenment. He had a right to that Awakening because he’d put the hard work in.

And so this is the thing with us: you know you have a lot of things that you’ve done in previous lives that you’re not even aware of now. And some of them were magnificent, and some are pretty horrible — we’ve all got some horrible stuff in our past, we’ve all got the skeletons in the closet. But we’re always trying to make up for that by doing the good stuff. We never stop trying to sort of reach that moment of Enlightenment where nothing bothers us.

When you’re an Enlightened person, when you’ve reached Enlightenment, you have no hanging on to the past. There are no regrets. there are no sort of melodramatic kind of memories and yearnings, and and also we’re not always living in the future. We’re actually experiencing the moment without any preconditioning and seeing everything as it is.

I mean, you know, as an example you can walk down the street and see some beautiful roses in someone’s garden: one person walks past and says “Aren’t they beautiful, they smell lovely, isn’t that divine”, and walks on. Another person walks past and thinks ‘Oh, they remind me of the roses I gave that woman I was in love with, and, and then she dumped me, and then, and I’ll never see her again’. You can see how the emotion starts spiraling down in the brain you know.

So this is the trap that we all have with this limbic system of the brain back here, it’s connected to our memories. And when you have an Enlightened mind you’re not, you’re not bothered by those memories. Let’s help other people so they don’t fail, you know. That’s the whole purpose of it.

So Chiron going into Aries is a big kick in the butt. If you’ve been stagnant, if you haven’t been doing what you’re meant to be doing, if you’ve been avoiding doing your real work, you’re gonna get a big kick. And that’s not a wound. That’s your own spirit saying ‘let’s get into gear, let’s do this, Lets…’

You know, if you’ve got a really close best friend and you both decided what you’re gonna go out and do something really exciting like at five o’clock in the morning and you’re planning this great trip somewhere, and you’ve got, you know, the car’s all packed, and you’re in bed sound asleep and your best friend comes and shakes you and shakes you “It’s five o’clock! We’ve got to go! We gotta go! We can’t miss this. We’ve gotta go now or we’re gonna miss it. Come on, come on, we’ve gotta go!” And you’re going, “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…”

Well, Chiron is like that best friend. When Chiron’s in Aries it’s the best friend with an alarm clock on your ear, saying, “Now! Do it now! Do it now! Don’t wait.”

So we’ve got seven years before it moves into Taurus. When it goes into Taurus you’re going to get the rewards from doing this kind of work which will help you to do the work even further.

But you know, you’ve got to, you’ve just got to look at these things positively. Chiron in Aries: Aries initiates new energy. Chiron, the Awakened Mind, with the life plan. Chiron carries your life plan and it’s up here just above your crown, and you’ve got to bring it into the crown, you’ve got to bring that awareness through.

If you’ve got something you’ve always wanted to do, do it, find a way to do it. Find a way to start. Because once you start it’s incredible the kind of help that you get, and I’m not the first person to say this. You’ll find some wonderful quotes from antiquity about this. But miracles happen. And I’ve seen some extraordinary miracles in my life and, you know, they keep happening. So you can do it.

So there’s nothing dramatic about Chiron going into Aries. The only drama you’ll experience from Chiron moving into Aries: if you just dig your feet in and you say ‘No, I’m not gonna do that, I’m just gonna go and get drunk’ or ‘I’m gonna do this’. Then you might get a few problems because that spiritual part of you is gonna push you and push you and push you. It’s like that best friend trying to wake you up. They’ll throw a bucket of water over you to wake you up at five o’clock in the morning so you can get in the car and go, you know?

That’s a good friend. That’s a good friend who does that. A bad friend says ‘I’m going without you’ and walks out the door. A good friend will do anything to drag you out the door with him. You see the difference? So that’s what’s happening with Chiron right now.

So you can expect in general, we can have a lot of wonderful human innovations, even more innovations!, coming up but certainly with technology and all kinds of things. New systems, new ways of doing things. And there’ll be a lot of really interesting changes going on, which, because new plans will be initiated.

But you know, in human culture there are always people who are a little bit unaware. You know, there are lots of levels of consciousness on the planet. You can see that on YouTube: You get some really lovely polite people, and some encouraging people, and you get the real turds, you know. And it’s because some people are not Awake yet, they’re not aware. They haven’t woken up yet, because when people start waking up, when people become really compassionate open-hearted people, they don’t usually go backwards. They don’t go back to being ignorant. They try to keep moving forward. And sometimes you know there are things that make us a little bit sad or a little bit whatever, because we still have the brain ‘wiring’ that we haven’t completely changed yet.

So there’s a lot of new stuff happening in your brain right now from Chiron going into Aries. As a backdrop, we still have Pluto in Capricorn, so until … until the end of 2023. And Pluto being in Capricorn — I’ve spoken about this on another YouTube video in an interview that I gave — Pluto in Capricorn is all about working with ethics, higher morality, getting the structures right, getting the systems right.

And you can see a lot of that’s happening in the United States right now. You know, America’s really copping it.

Pluto is all about our survival issues. So we’re still in that umbrella of Pluto in Capricorn. So, we’re still working through a lot of issues to do with ethics, on a global scale. Ethics, Authoritarianism, authority structures, systems. All that kind of stuff is really to the fore. Even in business, you can see it with apps — there are systems for everything.

So this is what’s going on. Pluto in Aquarius will be very different. But right now: Chiron going into Aries with Pluto in Capricorn…

So I just wanted to get that out, that Chiron, itself: you should not focus on Chiron as a wound in the chart because it is not. It’ll completely mislead you if you look at it as a wound. If you have a planet that makes a 90 degree angle to Chiron then it’s that planet that may be the wound, not the Chiron, that planetary energy has blocked you from expressing your pure Bodhicitta aspiration in another lifetime, that’s what that means. But the Chiron is intact. It’s the other planet that you’ve got to work on. You see? OK.

Resources for You

Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets — Barbara Hand Clow (1987 Bear & Company; 1994 Llewllyn’s Modern Astrology Library)

Your FREE Astrology Chart Wheel is available for you at Astrodienst:

And also at Cosmic Patterns Software:


To find a planet’s House position in your chart, you have to have included your accurate birth time when filling in your Birth data.  You normally see House numbers (1 through 12) on the inner wheel for each radius sector:

1st House begins at the eastern horizon, the horizontal diameter, which is on your LEFT (unlike a topographical map). The radius area below that line is the 1st House, which is always an Aries frequency. Counter-clockwise, the next sector is the 2nd House, which is a Taurus frequency. Next is 3rd House, Gemini, etc, around the wheel in zodiac order.

If the Chart Wheel calculation sites give you a choice of “House System”, I’d recommend “Placidus Houses“—has never let me down in 34 years!

A Note: Barbara Hand Clow has also been correct about Chiron’s resonance with Virgo, against many mainstream astrologers who still insist on it being associated with Sagittarius purely due to the ‘centaur’ reference in mythology, even though Jupiter has always been a perfect resonance tone with Sagittarius! (There was a deeper expression of Chiron, even in mythology.) Outer appearances can be deceiving, if you don’t put in the genuine research with real people as Hand Clow and myself have done over extended periods of time.

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